Dustin Moskovitz: Asana Could "Certainly" Be a $100 Billion Business

By Erin Griffith , written on May 3, 2012

From The News Desk

One-time success just isn't enough for a most founders. It's such a common trend that Sarah named her book, "Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good", after it. So when she asks Dustin Moskovitz about the potential for his post-Facebook venture to be as big as Facebook, it's no surprise his answer was, "absolutely."

"We certainly think its a $100 billion business, or whatever Facebook is worth right now," he said. Even though Asana is plays in the admittedly not sexy business to business enterprise world, he believes he brings something new to that industry. Meanwhile, he tries to ignore the fact that Asana isn't a consumer-focused company, he said.

It helps with recruiting talent if they know their product will be used by people we know. We say 'enterprise customers are just consumers at work,'" he said, but he's still lost some candidates to consumer startups.

"For us the only reason enterprise isn't sexy is entirely about the way the products have been sold in the past," he said. In that light, it's actually an advantage to him that he had no idea how to sell enterprise software going in.

Further, the opportunity is huge, he said. "As the market of knowledge workers expands, its a really big business idea and a universal pain point."

Asana is a web app for all-in-one group communication and task management. The company has raised $10.2 million in VC backing. Moskovitz believes it addresses a $100 billion market. "It's something that there hasn't been progress in almost two decades since email," he said. Further, the companies that have adopted it are extremely enthusiastic. "If the market were to recognize that the value of this product, it could happen very quickly," he said.