Office Crashers: Zynga Overcomes A Bad Reputation, Touts Less Than 3 Percent Attrition

By Kym McNicholas , written on May 10, 2012

From The News Desk

Three years ago, I met with a couple of now ex-Zynga employees who confided in me about how tough it was to work at the online video game giant. They told me stories of how CEO Mark Pincus would make people cry in the boardroom through screaming at them, belittling them, and working them to exhaustion. Their account of the hostile work environment at Zynga was validated by other employees who shared stories with journalists who ultimately shared them.

But then a few things changed: Zynga hired a Chief People Officer in Colleen McCreary, and she in turn hired an experienced management team who knew how to scale a company. Then the company moved to a new office space, and when Zynga IPO'd, not only did the company mature, but so did its chief Marc Pincus. In fact McCreary tells me the company has had less than 3 percentĀ attritionĀ over the past few years.

But I wanted to see for myself how the culture has evolved. So in this week's PandoDaily Office Crashers series, my photographer and I documented our day at Zynga and couldn't believe what we experienced. It's a completely different Zynga than five years ago.

In June, Marc Pincus will talk candidly with Sarah about his company culture, its IPO, and the future of Zynga. When tickets for PandoMonthly go on sale, we'll post here.