Real Founders of Silicon Valley: Those Bravo-Inspired Entrepreneurial Events In Full

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on May 14, 2012

From The News Desk

Regular readers will know that PandoDaily has been somewhat, ah, skeptical of Bravo's new "Silicon Valley" reality show, which begins shooting next month. "Snobs!" cried one critic. "Wait until you know more details before you judge!" wailed...well, actually, the exact same critic who in no way has been lobbying for a cameo on the show.

And, sure enough, now that said details have begun to emerge, it appears we may have entirely underestimated the legitimacy of "Silicon Valley."

For one thing, as sources tell us, much like the founders of Facebook, the young entrepreneurs on Bravo's show are to be holed up in their very own hacker house right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Okay, not a house. A villa. And not actually in Silicon Valley, in the Castro. But that's near enough. Apparently the villa used to be home to the San Fransisco porn industry in the 1970s. So that's cool.

But it's what goes on inside the house that matters, and we've been sent a sneak peek of the schedule of events. Event #1 (I swear we're not making this up): an entrepreneurs' pool party! Event #2: female founders yoga!

Yes, if there are two events which prove that this is a serious treatment of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, rather than, say, an excuse for the Bravo cameras to focus in on a bunch of jiggling boobs, it's surely an entrepreneurs pool party and founders yoga (girls only!).

And those are just for starters. PandoDaily looks forward to the following complete program of Bravo-sponsored events, each designed to inspire the next generation of Mark Zuckerbergs, Marissa Mayers, and Elon Musks.

Monday: Founders spin the bottle. Come with a business plan, leave with a hickey!

Tuesday: "Making out with mentors" (My God, Scoble, did you think we wouldn't see this.)

Wednesday: Office Hours with Jenna Jameson.

Thursday: 24-hour hackathon and mud-wrestling.

Friday: Fucking, vomiting, and a huge fight.

Saturday: Quiet period.

Sunday: IPO.