PandoList: Sneak Peek at the Maker Faire

By Amanda Schwab , written on May 18, 2012

From The News Desk

It's Maker Faire time, and we had the chance to get the early bird special. We went to check out the grounds a few days early while everyone was setting up and saw some amazing projects. In fact, I'm going to need to go back and see what it looks like completely set up, just because Thursday was so awesome.

I mean let's be honest, who wouldn't like watching Arcattack play music with lightning bolts and Tesla coils, or watching a computer controlled orchestra, or driving around in an electric car, or learning how to make your own robots, or talking to a 12-year-old genius who knows everything about 3D printing? And those people are only a small fraction of what you'll see, if you go to the Maker Faire (San Mateo Event Center, Saturday May 19, 10am-8pm and Sunday May 20, 10am-6pm). It's really a must-see event.