Greg Kumparak, Signing Off

By Greg Kumparak , written on May 21, 2012

From The News Desk

The strangest part of writing a goodbye post is figuring out the opening paragraph. Do I share a relatable anecdote, recalling any one of many times I've said goodbye to someone only to find that we're both walking in the same direction for another five blocks? Do I kick off with some silly quote on doors and windows and whatnots? Or do I just ramble on for a few sentences about how strange it can be to open a goodbye post? Yeah — let's go with that one.

As of this evening, I'll be stepping away from my duties at PandoDaily. But here's the twist: this move is by no means made in spite, anger, or with any lack of faith in PandoDaily and its mission. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Soon after I parted ways with TechCrunch, Sarah Lacy pulled me into a café (read: yeah, whatever, it was a Starbucks. Café sounds better) to tell me all about the road that laid ahead for her site. I knew within a few minutes that I wanted to help her get the ball rolling — partly because she's a friend, but just as much because she is clearly building something fantastic. There was just one caveat: once the ball clearly had a ton of momentum, I was going to step away to build all of the things I've wanted to build for years.

Well, that ball got up to speed quite a bit faster than I expected. After a slight post-launch lull, page views are headed for the sky. The PandoMonthly event is just ridiculously good, and is getting better each and every month. The PandoList is one of my favorite things to read each week, and the content our video team is making blows me away with every single upload. Most importantly, the entire team that Sarah built is gelling perfectly, working together and communicating like a family. I'm leaving because I know I can, and that the team will be just fine without me.

I'll likely still contribute from time to time, and I'll always be but an arms length away from the team as I work on what's next. As for "what's next" isstay tuned.