TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield Liveblog: Session Two

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on May 21, 2012

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Paul: Fixing annoying conference calls. Nice video demo -- even though video demos are annoying. Do it live, for God's sake. But, yeah, web-enabled conference calling. Remembers phone numbers so no need for pins, able to track who's on the call, who is speaking at any given time (that feature is really, really cool), also profile info, recording etc etc etc.

I would use the living shit out of this.

There is literally no need for that "share with my social network" bit at the end.

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  • K3

Sarah: This is about systems integration. As the founder said to the audience, "Don't fall asleep." Astoundingly the quickest and fastest way at integration is sending a programmer into doing it. This company is trying to automate the process.

I know it's not a guitar, but custom code stitching up software has been one of the biggest pain points inside companies for decades. I have no idea if K3 works, but if this problem can be solved it's a big plus for smaller Web companies hoping to steal parts of the software stack from Oracle and SAP.

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  • Call App

Paul: "The phone part of a smart phone is dumb." Claims to provide information about whoever is calling as soon as we need it. Social contact book. Honestly, this sounds way too complicated for most people to need. Do you really want data during the call as opposed to doing your research beforehand?

Apps that do cool shit just because they can bug the living hell out of me.

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  • Open Garden

Paul: This is some great acting (although if the Artist has taught us anything it's that the best French acting is silent.). I gather they connect devices together to create a mesh wifi network. Is this like Shervin Pishvar's thing?

Actually, this demo reminds me a bit of the first time I saw Cloudflare. I had no idea whether it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen or just something too complicated for any regular user to understand. It turned out to be pretty cool. Maybe this will too.

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  • Kurb Karma

Paul: Help people find parking spots. Find a spot for someone, earn karma credits. As Sarah just pointed out, this is the point in Disrupt when you decide you really don't care about any of the startups. Coincidentally, it's also the point in the day when the startups start to get really stupid.

Seriously, this is the kind of startup that Peter Thiel means when he talks about changing the world. There are people in third world countries without access to a single convenient parking space. And where are we going to park our flying cars?