Watch the Bizarre Social Networking Love-Fest That is "Thank You Facebook"

By Nathan Pensky , written on May 21, 2012

From The News Desk

If you haven't yet seen the newest viral video sensation "Thank You Facebook," you must watch. It's...amazing.

The video features some curiously satisfied Facebook users waxing rhapsodic about their favorite site, singing over an adult-contemporary track about everything from notifications to tagging photos to "Liking."

The song is super cheesy, and the video looks so stock footage-y, with different lyrics it could've been a commercial for Shutterstock. (Because, you know, it's completely normal to log-in into Facebook while frolicking on the beach...) But what makes this a true viral video gem is that both song and video appear to have been made in earnest, not as an intentionally funny comedy clip. As in, these guys just really like Facebook. That, or they want to use the site's IPO as a way to promote their "musical group."

Either way, no introduction could compare to watching -- nay, experiencing -- "Thank You Facebook" itself. Sing along with me now, w-w-w-dot-f-a-c-e-b-o-o-k-dot-c-o-m...