Two's A Party: Lifecrowd and Eventup Join Forces

By Michael Carney , written on May 24, 2012

From The News Desk

Webster’s dictionary defines synergy as...just kidding.

Occasionally two businesses are such a natural fit that it’s hard to imagine them operating separately. When those businesses are both startups of less than a year old launched very publicly out of neighboring incubators, the likelihood and value of them aligning themselves grows exponentially.

It was therefore to no one’s surprise that social activity discovery marketplace Lifecrowd and online event space marketplace Eventup announced a partnership today.

Events need venues. Venues need events.

As Rob Snyder's character said in the movie Big Daddy, “Oh, yes. They make terrific pair. They went together like peanut butter and tuna fish...Maybe you like spaghetti and meatball? You more comfortable with that analogy?”

The partnership is such that users of each online marketplace can instantly click through to the other to complete their event planning.

While a host is booking a Lifecrowd event, such as wine tasting or swing dancing, they can hop over to Eventup to find the perfect space. In the inverse, a user can first book a venue and then seamlessly create a corresponding event listing.

With Lifecrowd looking to promote unique and interesting activities, the ability for its users to host them in out of the ordinary locations is fantastic. For Eventup, anything that leads to more events being hosted is a victory.

The initial rollout of the partnership will be available in Los Angeles and San Francisco only, as these are the two early markets each company has in common. Eventup is also operating in New York, while Lifecrowd has expanded solely within California to San Diego and Orange County. Both companies have full “world domination” plans in place and can be expected to grow into new markets together.

The two companies will kick off the partnership by hosting an exclusive event, naturally. The event will consist of multiple Lifecrowd sessions, among them sushi rolling. It will take place at at Geisha Studios in the unique Granada Buildings in Los Angeles, which date back to the 1920’s and have an interesting labyrinth of interconnected courtyards and terraces.

"The historic Granada Buildings are located in the Westlake district of downtown Los Angeles, where the stardust of a bygone era still hangs in the air." ~ Starlight Studios

Seeing these companies come together is a perfect illustration of what’s going right in LA’s tech market at the moment. Amid all the growth and friendly competition for user user attention, investor dollars, and employee talent, is a community.

For the most part, entrepreneurs -- the smart and successful ones at least -- realize that a spirit of collaboration and support are critical to the success of the ecosystem. More importantly, the success of the ecosystem is critical to each individual company.

As a VC told me yesterday, “The only formula I’ve come up with in two decades in this business, is Karma = Syncronicity.”

LifeCrowd was the first company to graduate from MuckerLab and has raised $5 million in Series A financing led by Lightbank along with Bullpen Capital, Baroda Ventures, and Prism VentureWorks.

Eventup is the earliest company to launch from Science, a technology studio run by Mike Jones. Eventup has yet to announce financing outside of that received from Science.

[Image Credit Starlight Studios]