WWDC: The Key Details From Today's Apple Event

By Andrew James , written on June 11, 2012

From The News Desk

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference keynote is today, and we'll be live updating this post as the event rolls on. Rather than dissect every word Tim Cook utters, we're covering today's event with just the essentials all on one pretty page. We'll boil down all the information you want and post it right here.

So, sit back and enjoy.

First up are a few updates on the App Store:

  • 400 Million accounts with credit cards and quick buying on App Store
  • 650,000 apps in the store
  • 225,000 apps specifically for iPad
  • Customers have downloaded 30 billion apps, says Tim Cook.
  • Apple has paid out over $5 billion to application developers, making it "an economy in itself"
The new MacBook Air:
  • 3rd Gen. Core, also known as the Ivy Bridge
  • Up to 2.0GHz Dual Core i7
  • Intel's Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz
  • 512GB of flash storage
  • Up to 8GB 1600MHz memory
  • 60 percent faster graphics
  • "It's faster than any hard drive we can put in a notebook. And we're adding USB 3," says Phil Schiller
  • Adding USB ports on each side
  • Facetime camera is being updated to 720p
  • Available today, the Air will be offered in 11" and 13" sizes and priced cheaper than before, at $999 and $1099 respectively.
MacBook Pro:
  • Gets the similar updates with the USB 2 and 3 in a single port
  • 3rd Gen Core Ivy Bridge
  • Up to 2.7GHz quad-core i7
  • Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz
  • Up to 8GB 1600MHz memory
  • Updated NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics with the new Kepler architecture and up to 1GB video memory
  • 60 percent faster
  • 7 hour battery life
  • The 13" has a 1280 x 800 display, running the i5 or i7 processor, and offering up with either 500GB or 750GB HDD for $1199 or 1499 respectively. They both come in at just 0.95" and 4.5 lbs.
  • The 15" sports a 1440 x 900 display and either 2.3GHz i7 or 2.6GHz i7 quad-core and offers up a choice of 500GB or 750GB hard drive. It's the same thickness as the 13" but weighs in at 5.6 lbs. The 15" is priced at $1799, or $2199 for the higher spec version.
The Next Generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display:
  • "The most beautfiul computer we have ever made," says Phil Schiller
  • As thin as the MacBook Air at .71" and under 4.46 lbs, making it the lightest MacBook Pro ever
  • "It is a breakthrough in engineering," says Phil Schiller.
  • 15.4" across, with 2880 x 1800 and 220ppi, making it "the world's highest resolution notebook display," says Schiller.
  • Reduced glare by 75 percent and an updated OS for displaying Mail, Safari, iMovie, iPhoto.
  • As well as updates for Aperture and Final Cut Pro at 1080p
  • Comes with a Quad-core i5 or i7 options and built around flash storage with up to 768GB and 16GB memory at 1600MHz RAM,
  • It carries the same Nvidia graphics as the MacBook Pro and 7 hours battery life
  • It comes in at $2199 and is available today
OSX Mountain Lion:
  • Mountain Lion iCloud support is built-in
  • Three new apps: Messages, Reminders, and Notes
  • "We're also bringing integration with your documents, with a feature we're calling Documents in the Cloud," says Craig Federighi.
  • Pages will show all the docs you have in the cloud with drag-and-drop functionality
  • The new OSX now allows you to answer your phone on your Mac
  • Dictation is built into the system an works "everywhere" says Federighi, "even in Microsoft Word"
  • Safari is updated and very similar to Chrome now with the unified search field
  • Power Nap is the new sleep and updates and refreshes your data while sleeping, and will even back it up
  • AirPlay Mirroring let's you play Game Center across-platforms and head-to-head, meaning you can play your friend on his iPad while on your MacBook and display it on Apple TV
  • Safari has picked up Chinese
  • OSX Mountain Lion ships in July for $19.99 and "Upgrades from Lion and all the way from Snow Leopard. And it will upgrade all of your personal Macs," says  Craig Federighi
iOS 6 release updates:
  • 365 million iOS devices sold through March 30
  • "Almost all of our users are running iOS 5... now if you compare that to the competition. They released a dairy product, 4.0, about the same time as we released iOS 5. About 7% of their users are running it," says Scott Forstall
  • Siri has picked up sports knowledge and can grab you game scores and player stats
  • Forstall demo'd that you can search and sort by Yelp ratings if you ask her for a "great" dinner locations
  • She's also been reading Rotten Tomatoes for integrated movie suggestions and schedules
  • Siri can now launch Apps and works with Twitter
  • Apple is also working with BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda to integrate Siri for "Eyes Free"
  • Several new languages have been includes in iOS 6's Siri as well with local search.
  • Siri will be available for the new iPad
  • Facebook integration in the notification centre, similar to Twitter in iOS 5 and is now integrated into the App store so you can "Like" items
  • The Phone App has been updated as well with auto-reply messages and reminders for Declined calls
  • A "Do Not Disturb" function, similar to Airplane mode, allows "fine grain control over which phone calls you can receive," says Forstall
  • Facetime is now available over cellular
  • iCloud tabs and offline reading lists for Safari
  • Upload photos from Safari to websites
  • Photo Stream shares your photos with contacts and friends of your choosing.
  • In Mail, a new VIP setting that allows you to select contacts and highlight correspondence
  • Messages gets a pull-to-refresh feature
  • Passbook is a new app for storing plane or movie tickets like Fandango and store cards. If you're close by a related store, geolocate will offer up the relevant card
  • No more Google Maps. The new maps in iOS 6 are integrated with Yelp, traffic reports, turn-by-turn navigation all workable with Siri
  • The new maps include a "Fly Over" feature with very beautiful 3D modelling of cities as well as the standard satellite view
  • iOS 6 works with the iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2nd and 3rd gen and 4th generation iPod Touch
  • iOS 6 is available for developers today, but won't be ready for us plebs until this fall