Andrew James Joins the PandoDaily Team!

By Sarah Lacy , written on June 12, 2012

From The News Desk

"So, I want to officially offer you the job. What do you think?"

"Let me think about it.... But yes."

"Wait, which?"


"Ok, great! When can you start?"


"When can you get to San Francisco?"


Any doubt I had about hiring Andrew James* was allayed with that conversation. As Paul and I discussed in an early "Why Isn't This News?" I'm a big fan of the 24-hour rule. In my experience, once people hear the vision of the company, do their due diligence, and get an offer, they pretty much know or don't know in their gut right away if they want to work with us or not. Like a game of word association, I just want to force that decision to come sooner.

From our first conversation, Andrew immediately got what we were doing here. He is packing up his stuff as we speak, and hoping on a plane in a few hours. He'll be moving from his home in Toronto to Silicon Valley where he'll cover incubators, product news, launches, and picking back up our "The Debrief" feature. And since this all went down in a matter of days, he'll be crashing at the PandoDaily half-way house (read: my house) until he steps away from the keyboard long enough to find a place.

This kind of life is familiar territory for Andrew. He is a bit of a nomad, with years of experience as a writer, photographer, editor, and Web designer for media properties on multiple continents. He helped launch two major sites: Asia Sentinel, a pan-Asian business and politics site, and a portal for TimeOut Hong Kong. He worked with our own Hamish McKenzie at the latter, and Hamish enthusiastically recommended Andrew for the job. Most recently he did a stint at Gizmodo in New York.

At Gizmodo, his job was to chase the day-to-day news flow, and I think readers will see a very different side of Andrew here. He's very excited about digging into various developer and entrepreneur communities in the Valley, and I am very excited to see what he digs up.

Welcome to the family, Andrew! (And follow him on Twitter here!)

*I didn't.