Switchcam Raises $1.2 Million From Mark Cuban, Turner Media Camp, and 500 Startups

By Andrew James , written on June 14, 2012

From The News Desk

Switchcam, the video aggregation and syncing site that allows viewers to "direct" shots, has just raised $1.2 million in seed funding. Leading the round was Mark Cuban, Turner Media Camp, and 500 Startups as well as Vikas Gupta, Niket Desai and Reed Morse, David Beyer and Jeffrey Schox. This adds to Mark Cuban's $500K investment in 360' video program, Condition One during their seed round yesterday, ahead of rebranding his HDNET cable network to become AXS TV.

Swtichcam sources footage and "sequence and synchronizes" it from eyewitness accounts and allows the viewer to splice it together into a usable, multi-angled video. From there, videos can be compiled in three ways. "The fans can curate it, or vote for pieces themselves... Or an admin can do it." says Brett Welch, CEO of the immersive video program. The viewer can choose what angle, or camera, they want to view at any point during the runtime.

Welch was also involved in GoodBarry, which was acquired by Adobe in 2009 and built into Business Catalyst.

They aim to cover sports, concerts, conferences, and any real-world events where multiple angles of the same event get posted on video sharing sites. From there, Switchcam pieces together the footage onto a timeline. Visitors to their site can search out events by name, date, and location and watch a full video with different shots curated together. They've already lined up an event with Skol, Brazil's largest beer company, to sequence the footage from their upcoming electronic dance party.

The funding will see more developers added to the four man team at Switchcam. Welch sees the future of online video as immersive, user-driven, and directed. “We’re the front-runner when it comes to building these experiences, and we see strong demand from artists, event promoters and cable networks to Switchcam their content.”

"We just got into Turner's Media Camp. It'll be a great opportunity for us to explore concerts." As well, Welch told PandoDaily, they've realized that there's strong interest for their product not just for music, but for sports and news.