CEO Supper Club: Meet America's Lone Phablet Owners

By Sarah Lacy , written on June 15, 2012

From The News Desk

Theoretically someone is buying the Galaxy Note, but who would have thought it was actual tech snobs doing it?

Following up on Andrew's story about the surprising return of the stylus, we bring you a sighting of the Galaxy Note "phablet" in the wild.

This video is part of a new thing we're trying at PandoDaily. Semi-regularly, we'll get four CEOs, entrepreneurs or thought leaders together. We'll buy them an expensive dinner. We'll ply them with many bottles of wine. And we'll record what everyone says.

It's shamelessly ripped off of an homage to that IFC show "Dinner for Five," which was as much about what filmmakers and actors talked about as it was showing a window into the culture and relationships between them.

We decided to start the experiment with enterprise software names, as they're typically the most likely to talk shit about one another. Our guests were Jive Software CEO Tony Zingale, Box co-founder & CEO Aaron Levie, Software & Internet Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities Jason Maynard, and Atlassian President Jay Simons. And we dined at the Plumed Horse in Saratoga, which Zingale is an investor in. PandoDaily picked up the tab.

In this installment, we make fun of two of the attendees for loving their phablets. More next week!