CEO Supper Club: If You Could Run Any Business Other Than Yours, Which Would It Be?

By Sarah Lacy , written on June 20, 2012

From The News Desk

A few weeks ago we grabbed Jive's Tony Zingale, Box's Aaron Levie, Atlassian's Jay Simons, and Wells Fargo analyst Jason Maynard, and we took them to the Michelin starred restaurant The Plumed Horse. We gave them courses and courses of delicious, tiny food and lots of wine.

And we rolled six cameras the whole time.

As we've started to post snippets of those conversations this week, I've gotten emails from each of them that all say a variation of the following: "I totally forgot what I said, and I'm terrified of what's coming next."

What's immediately next is a segment of the conversation where I asked each of them if they weren't running their own companies, whose companies would they rather be running. After a total bullshit answer by Zingale, several of them actually answer the question. And you may be surprised what Valley darling at least two of them are envying.

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