How You Can Help Ford Create Its Next Generation Vehicles

By Kym McNicholas , written on June 21, 2012

From The News Desk

Knock, Knock away. Ford's CTO Paul Mascarenas says if you're an entrepreneur with an idea then the door is open to its new Silicon Valley Lab which just opened this week. Ford now looks at the vehicle as a platform and is looking for consumer app and consumer experience companies to help turn the car into a more engaging, interactive mobile environment.

"We really want the car to get to know you and what you're doing at any given time and be able to adapt with a connected experience," explains Mascarenas.

There are two places that app developers can visit. To submit their contact information for access to the SYNC AppLink API, they can go to To access Ford's big data research platform, which is a big focus for the lab, they can go to

If you want to know more specifically as to the types of companies Ford is looking to partner with to create that next generation vehicle, he's fairly candid in my interview with him in the video above. He emphasized that they're truly open to hearing any and all ideas.