CelebJuicer: The Big Data Company TMZ Interns Dream About

By Sophia Horowitz , written on June 29, 2012

From The News Desk

"Hey, my new show airs tomorrow, and I hear we're in the same time slot. I've always dreamed of sharing a night with you…"

"is ur bed is big enough for steven, randy and jen too? ;)"

If you can believe it, that first line was said by "Golden Girl" Betty White, and the next by host of "American Idol," Ryan Seacrest. (Clearly, Seacrest writes his own Tweets....and needs Nathan Pensky.) Of course, this conversation was not one overheard at a hot night club, rumored by TMZ, or even thought to be possible by the laws of the universe. This glorious moment was captured in the Twitterverse.

But to be aware of its existence, ordinarily one would have had to turn to such celeb gossip mainstays as People or Perez Hilton, or at least follow the concerned parties on Twitter. But what if I told you there was a plethora of these juicy celebrity conversations all aggregated in one handy online source? Such a website exists, my friend, and it's called CelebJuicer.

CelebJuicer is a site that compiles the best of celebrity conversations on Twitter. At a first glance, its vibrant colors and "Freshly Squeezed" Tweets are enticing. At a closer look, your desperate and irrational need to be an insider of the celebrity world is enabled...and then some.

CelebJuicer may be in competition with celebrity gossip sites, but taking hundreds of pictures of Britney Spears on coffee runs is not quite on the same level as being a fly on the wall watching her conversation with Simon Cowell, in which he states that she "has claws," and she responds, "And I'm not afraid to use them!" "There is really nowhere else where you can have direct interaction with celebrities the way you can have them on Twitter," says Alicia Liu, CelebJuicer co-founder.

CelebJuicer also highlights celebrities that tabloids are just not interested in covering. Call it a long tail of gawking. Case in point, I dare you to find a moment between William Shatner and Nickelback on any other celebrity gossip site.

Of course, Nickelback is big time compared to, say, Robert Scoble. Today it started to feature "celebrities" outside of Hollywood, including techies and chefs.

The masterminds behind the site, Michael Kovacs and Liu aren't 12-year-old girls. They are actually fairly serious people with engineering backgrounds and a bigger purpose.

After meeting each other last August and attempting to build a few different products, they created RivalMetrics, a monitoring platform for Twitter where they help companies discover and keep on top of their competition. CelebJuicer is a sexy application meant to show off what RivalMetrics' technology can do.

Based in San Francisco, this bootstrapped duo is planning to apply RivalMetrics toward a portfolio of products in the social media space.

RivalMetrics is a service targeted towards product managers, marketers, and CI professionals in order to track competitor activity on Twitter. It reveals all sorts of details about the competition, keeping you up to date on big announcements and showing you who is implementing the enemy's product.

Although CelebJuicer could come off as flashy and frivolous, it is the ultimate Trojan Horse for RivalMetrics' well-crafted technology. It uses an incredibly appealing interface and irresistible content to lure you into their algorithmic magic.

[Image courtesy Wikimedia]