PandoList: Innovators Beyond City Limits

By Amanda Schwab , written on June 29, 2012

From The News Desk

Last week we had the chance to go beyond the limits of Silicon Valley, off the Bay Area grid, and into Chico, California. Yep, there's tech happening in Chico, a lot of it, and it's innovative, interesting, and useful. The Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge was last Thursday, and we got to pick out companies that would probably never get a second glance at any other demo day. All five of the companies we profiled are amazing.

There was Aqua Cents, a company trying to decrease the amount of water wasted through water absorbing polymers. Then we saw EASE seating system, which has created a cushion that changes shape every three minutes preventing pressure sores. Trevair is a combination scooter wheel chair that doubles as a manual wheelchair and power chair, and Build-a-Blade is an energy saving custom blade server. Finally, SIGNa Chemistry has created a mobile H2 cartridge that can be paired with fuel cells to power mobile electronics.