Vidmaker, a TechStars Cloud Company, Raises Angel Round

By Erin Griffith , written on June 29, 2012

From The News Desk

Vidmaker, a TechStars Cloud company based in Madison, WI, has raised an angel round of funding worth $652,260, according to an SEC filing. The company previously collected $118,000 from TechStars Cloud, which, of TechStars' five franchises, is the only one focused on a theme rather than a city.

The backing likely includes a contribution from Cloud Power Fund 2012, a $3 million pool of capital created by San Antonio-based investors to back the class. John Mosher, a general partner in the fund, is listed in the filing.

Vidmaker is still in beta-mode, but its product promises to provide video a that allows multiple people to edit in the cloud. It brings the online collaboration tools we are used to for documents thanks to Google Docs to video, an area collaborative software makers have previously avoided. Perhaps more ambitiously, it brings group video editing tools to multiple devices.

Vidmaker debuted with the San Antonio-based accellerator program's first demo day in April. GigaOm called it "pretty cool" and  a "can't wait" product, despite not being much of a cloud-focused company compared with its classmates.