iSpeech Hits 13K Developers in Just 10 Months

By Andrew James , written on July 3, 2012

From The News Desk

As Siri continues to frustrate its users with her incoherent replies, there’s another contender eyeing her spot. iSpeech has been lurking around calmly responding to all your queries, and can dress in whatever accent you select – and understands whatever accent you ramble in.

“Speech is going to be a component of every app and connected device in the future,” says Yaron Oren, COO at iSpeech.

This week the company is announcing that they’ve hit 13,000 developers actively building on their platform, making over a billion calls to their database. That’s all in less than a year since opening up their API to the public. It’s now one of the biggest text-to-speech and voice recognition programs in world, and their mobile API is free for developers unless you need something “turbocharged” says Oren (their Web API costs $.0001 per word). Wasn’t that what the developers were clamoring for at WWDC? (Here’s your opening, Android fanboys, to make a you-never-mention-Android comment).

iSpeech is winnning on two fronts against their main competitor. First, Nuance licenses its API and targets enterprises more willing to pay for usage. iSpeech has also been profitable since 2010 after bootstrapping their way from launching in 2007. Their first app was, a text-to-speech program that garnered 20 million downloads.

But for as much as everyone hates on Siri, she’s brought the conversation back to speech recognition. Moving forward, iSpeech aims to keep improving their text-to-speech and speech recognition API for developers, and leverage the current excitement around Siri to provide a solid platform for devs to build on, says Oren.

[Image Courtesy Lazurite]