Rightster Studio: Seeking an Online Video Series

By Andrew James , written on July 3, 2012

From The News Desk

Rightster first made news last year by live-streaming Rupert Murdoch’s grilling at the Levenson inquiry direct to Facebook. Now, the digital video company is announcing the launch of Rightster Studio.

The studio is their platform for monetizing and creating content for original shows while putting their own team to work one-on-one with video creators. It’s similar to what other video advertisers have been up to recently, but with more focus on production and distribution than solely adding advertising to video.

The platform aims to promote and monetize, as well as foster the creation of original online video content. They're launching first in London followed by New York, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

“There has been a huge surge in the growth of original programming online, but traditionally financing of new shows has been done by linear channels, such as TV or radio networks, that have loyal audiences, which means they are able to accurately forecast future revenues,” says CEO Charlie Muirhead.

The company is looking to source a new video series for online streaming. They’ll be doing so by invitation first, and there are plans to open it up to submissions in the fall. They're also working with Viral Spiral Group, a British rights management organization that reaches out to protect content creators in the event their posts gain significant traction.

Take from that what you will, but it seems they're angling to market viral videos and user generated content to a larger audience, much in the same way that YouTube has brought in channels to harness the viewership of popular video creators.