Extole Wants to Know Your Feelings While Shopping

By Andrew James , written on July 6, 2012

From The News Desk

Social marketing management platform, Extole, has just rolled out another update to their consumer-to-consumer measurement platform. The social monitoring site that last week launched Facebook’s Open Graph as well as deeper product reactions – such as "Want," "Try," and "Recommend" -- is now offering Social Referrals. Simply put, if you successfully refer a friend, you get paid. By creating these "customer advocates," Extole aims to dig deeper into social buying.

Companies using Extole's platform can track performance of their products across customers’ different digital social circles and monitor their reactions – as long as they react with a "Want," "Try," or "Like" – giving insight into their attitudes to specific products.

One company that's been using Extole's products is They've  been benchmark testing the Social Expressions program for the past 14 days and have noticed an increase in activity in replacing the Facebook "Like" with Extole's options, says Ian Hackett the VP of ecommerce at TastingRoom. The site reformats high-end wines into smaller offerings, making them more affordable for purchasers looking to try a wine, or "bring a tasting room home," says Hackett.

Tasting Room is also testing out the Social Advocates program, as part of the Social Expressions tool, offering up a $10 discount to any users that refer a friend, as well as a separate discount for referred friends. Hackett says that Extole has helped amplify their message to customers through creating strong advocates for their products.

Extole and Tasting Room are working closely to test Social Expression tools to create stronger relationships for Tasting Room's wine offerings. Ian Hackett says there's been a noticeable increase in action just by replacing the Facebook "Like" button with more shares and an increased reach from the Social Expression buttons. "Wine lends itself perfectly to this type of marketing," says Hackett. "Wine by nature is social."

“The next wave of social marketing is about igniting your customer advocates and getting them spreading the word on your brand’s behalf,” states Brad Klaus, CEO and Founder of Extole. Extole's customers include 250 brands including T-Mobile, Vistaprint, Shutterfly, Travel Channel, and the New York Times. Extole has been working with Tasting Room since May 2011, and just renewed their contract last month for more social expressions.