In Case You Missed It: PandoMonthly with Elon Musk

By Trevor Gilbert , written on July 13, 2012

From The News Desk

Last night's PandoMonthly with Elon Musk was a smashing success. After selling out at record speed, hundreds came to watch, devoured a mountain of pizza, and walked away with PandoDaily t-shirts in hand. In case you were unable to watch it live at the time, or were stuck in traffic on the way there (as Musk was), we've got you covered.

Musk answered almost every question we put to him, but he went into more detail on what other entreprenuers should do while raising venture capital, why he isn't going to be doing another Internet startup, his thoughts on CleanTech, the launch of SpaceX, and finally, his plans for the future.

Now for the recording: