Mark Pincus: Making People Happy For a Few Minutes a Day is an Important Goal

By Michael Carney , written on July 19, 2012

From The News Desk

During tonight’s PandoMonthly fireside chat with Mark Pincus, Sarah Lacy questioned the true value of what Zynga does as a company. She asked, “Does making a few people around the world happy for a few moments amount to anything substantial?”

Pincus responded by saying, “If we were making the world happy for a few moments a day that sounds pretty tangible and important to me.” (This received a rousing applause in the room.)

According to the CEO, what Zynga is starting to do is to help more of people rationalize playing  -- like they did as kids -- and given them more fun ways to connect in their lives.

Lately, Zynga has accomplished this more with its “With Friends” games and with the acquisition of “Draw Something” rather than some of its earlier “Ville” games. One of the reasons for the latter point, according to Pincus, was that they’ve failed multiple times to bring the Ville games to multiple-platforms.

“Our mission is to keep innovating, to make games more accessible, more social, and more free,” says Pincus. “I think that when we do that well people will put more play in their lives. I think that when we let people be more social and bring more play into their lives, we will let people share their emotions.”