What Will You Look Like in Google Goggles? Ditto Shows Us in 3-D

By Erin Griffith , written on July 23, 2012

From The News Desk

All the buzz about the Google glasses is focused on the functionality, the business potential, the possible use cases... But we're overlooking the most important piece of this story, people:


(If you are one of these attractive people from the future, the answer is "a little strange.")

You could wait until Google Goggles hit the market in 2014 to know whether they'll flatter your face shape. Or you could check this out: Just for fun, Ditto, the ecommerce eyewear startup, has added Google Glasses to its 3-D try-on functionality.

I'll chalk this up to some savvy marketing on Ditto's part -- it's a fun excuse for me to try out the company's website and discover that it's pretty awesome.

The site walks you through a simple recording of you turning your head, and then you take a quick photo with an ID or credit card (no info is recorded) for scale. Then, voila! You can use the mouse to move your head around so you can see yourself wearing the glasses from all angles.

Here's what they look like on me. (Try to ignore the bewildered stare. I am actually having a blast in these virtual Google Glasses, guys.)

Try it for yourself here. Then you can share the results on your social media platform of choice with one click.

Ditto has $3 million in VC backing led by August Capital. The main difference between it and Warby Parker and is that Warby Parker designs and manufactures its own glasses (and donates a pair of glasses for each one bought to VisionSpring). Ditto sells designer glasses from the likes of Ray Ban, Chloe, and Philip Lim. Both are disrupting the Luxottica-driven eyewear monopoly, but Warby Parker is doing it with its own brand and a lower price point and Ditto is doing it with designers and more expensive options. Oh, and it has some cool technology that lends itself to fun distractions like this one.

Happy Monday afternoon, everyone!