Get Your Laugh On: PandoMonthly NYC with Rob Burnett This Thursday

By Trevor Gilbert , written on July 24, 2012

From The News Desk

I’m going to level with you. As much fun as it is to listen to stories of entrepreneurial greatness, reaching for the stars, and building multiple billion-dollar companies, sometimes it just feels good to laugh. But things are even better when you’re laughing while learning about what it takes to make a studio hum, and how to turn a simple idea into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Which is why paying $20 for a ticket to see Rob Burnett this Thursday in New York City is a total steal.

As part of our ongoing PandoMonthly series, and as the third PandoMonthly event in July, PandoDaily founder and editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy will be sitting down with Burnett this Thursday to talk about a range of things.

For a bit of background on Burnett, and in case you have been living in the middle of Amish country and have missed out on the last 20 years of comedy, Burnett is one of the minds behind David Letterman, the introduction of Craig Ferguson, and the success of such shows as “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Ed.”

This Thursday, we will be talking with Burnett about his successes in media and the late night arena. But we’re also going to be mixing it up a little bit. You see, as we wrote in April, Burnett is putting out a film later this year, and he will be screening the trailer for the film for the first time at the event.

While any premiere trailer screening with Burnett on stage would be worth attending, the experimental nature of the film makes it all the more interesting. The film has been shot using only entry-level equipment, to make the experience feel more authentic. As an audience member, you’ll be seeing the trailer and clips from the film before most everyone else.

As if that wasn’t enough -- this event is getting longer and more entertaining by the paragraph -- Lacy and Burnett will also be discussing how the comedy world is changing. As comedians like Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari make hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling videos directly to customers without DRM encryption, the digital distribution industry is poised to be disrupted. With Burnett having his finger firmly on the pulse of comedy and media, his thoughts will be well worth paying attention to.

Now, we did announce the event last week, but it was Friday afternoon and it was 100 degrees in New York, so understandably, everyone was outside enjoying the weather. As a result, the tickets still haven’t sold out, meaning that you still have the opportunity to see Burnett and hear about his story and his thoughts on the future of media.

For 20 bucks, it’s a steal.

Get your tickets here now, while you can.