Leaving the Echochamber: PandoDaily Heads to Boulder

By Trevor Gilbert , written on July 25, 2012

From The News Desk

As part of our ongoing series of posts about the technology ecosystems in different American cities, I’ll be heading to Boulder, Col. next week, in town from July 29 through Aug. 10. To get an idea of previous coverage I’ve done in this series, here are a few articles. The goal of the trip is to meet with people to talk about their local startup scene, and to cover companies that aren’t normally covered because of a lack of tech journalists in the region.

Not coincidentally, I planned this trip to overlap with the TechStars Demo Day. So if you’re there, we’re likely going to be running into each other.

As these trips are designed to serve the larger technology community, there’s also a little bit of community participation involved. Much to my chagrin, and as Sarah pointed out from the get-go, these trips always involve me couchsurfing for at least part of my stay. So if you live in Boulder or the surrounding area and want a reliable way to pitch a story, there’s no better way to bend my ear than to have me sleep on your couch for a night.

Oddly enough, as will be mentioned in an upcoming post on train travel, I’ll be taking a 30+ hour train ride this weekend from San Francisco to Denver. Some might call me crazy, but what’s life without a little bit of adventure? Besides, I’m going to spend that time reading everything that has ever been written about Boulder, to be prepared.

If you think we should meet up while I’m in Boulder to talk about the latest local startups or that secret project you’re working on, or if you just want to chew the fat, send me an email at [email protected] with the first word in the subject line, "Boulder."

Otherwise, I’ll see you all next week.