Ecommerce Company Ordoro Raises $1.2M to Make "Confirm" Button Hassle-Free

By Andrew James , written on July 26, 2012

From The News Desk

It’s always interesting to hear about parts of the Internet that I didn’t know existed – or imagined to be populated with dancing elves and pinballs moving through Rube Goldberg machines. For instance, what happens after you hit the “Confirm” button on your purchase online? I assumed I was setting into action a series of events that shot my package through evacuated tubes, eventually delivering my goods to my door (to the tune of the "Sesame Street" counting song). I was wrong, and Ordoro, a company looking to revolutionize that space, has been working to make what happens between placing your order and delivery much smoother for everyone involved.

Ordoro was bootstrapped for its first year – only today the company confirmed they had raised $1.2 million with a Brussels-based VC leading through AngelList.

As Jagath Narayan, Ordoro’s CEO and co-founder simply puts it, “We take over after that order is placed.” That’s no small task either. It involves shipping out orders, notifying the warehouse to restock, printing shipping labels, and placing a pickup from the selected courier service. Ordoro “solves all the boring problems,” says Narayan. “[There’s ] a lot of action on ecommerce, but that’s just the sexy front end part.”

It’s an important part of the ecommerce business, especially since  the average store owner isn’t overly technical – just a business owner, says Narayan who comes from a supply management background.

Ordoro is based in Austin and didn’t expect they could ever acquire VC funding, so they never looked into it until a friend directed them towards Angel List, and began pulling in contacts and garnering reviews of their product and team. Initially, their lead investors didn’t want to lead the round, saying they would put in $100,000, but only if others invested. After a visit to Austin to meet the team and see the environment, Emerge decided they would put in $750,000 and lead the round.

“There’s no way I could have spoke to these people without AngelList,” says Narayan.