iRise Visualizations Partners with SAP to Provide Enterprise Solutions

By Andrew James , written on August 1, 2012

From The News Desk

iRise offers a range of solutions to bring visualization software into enterprise companies. Their platform allows large companies to create workable mockups of apps before they lay down a single line of code. It even offers the ability to layer solutions overtop of existing designs to see how the layout will function relative to the design. It's an important aspect that's often overlooked, resulting in countless and expensive re-workings for designers and coders.

The software simply acts as a platform for a company to create exactly the app or digital layout they’re looking for and then share it among colleagues for feedback. The software is now integrated into business management software behemoth SAP as an add-on for the company's ASAP methodology. Inside SAP, iRise will provide insights into how to use visualizations and a collaborative environment to speed through end-goals.

The visualizations can be loaded within a browser environment, making the mockup feel exactly like the intended end-product. It's similar to some other mockup and wire-framing software like Mockingbird, but with an easy-to-use drag and drop UI and an entreprise focus – hence teaming up with SAP.

There’s an enormous cost spent on building apps for large-scale firms ahead of production – usually involving several iterations until everyone is happy. This can be a costly process for companies that undertake, and holds back several large firms from regular digital updates. iRise aims to solve that problem while reducing financial risks, with their Enterprise Visualization platform.

Emmet Keeffe, the CEO and co-founder of iRise says the platform allows “users to achieve a new level of efficiency as enterprises today face the double challenge of meeting user expectations for more elegant software while also cutting both time and cost from development.”

The Morgan-Stanley Venture Partner’s backed company is connecting up with SAP to allow iRise to reach a more global audience with its visualization platform. iRise has previously worked with General Motors, UPS, FedEx, Hanworth, Manpower, and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.