Pandohouse Rock Vol 2: What Will the $2.5B Mars Rover Actually Do?

By Sarah Lacy , written on August 1, 2012

From The News Desk

If you liked our first installment of Pandohouse Rock "Thanks for the Cash, Mr. Bubble Man" this post is going to make your day. The Explainer Music team has put together our second installment of Pandohouse Rock, and this one is about what the Mars Rover will actually do.

And -- most gloriously -- it is done as an homage to David Bowie's "Life on Mars."

Good Lord, these guys are just insanely talented. I dare you not to go around singing, "Can we ever put a man on Mars? / Or will the radiation penetrate our space cars? / I don't know! But Curiosity might find out..." for the rest of the day.