Reid Hoffman: Being a Billionaire Was Plan B to Academia

By Whitney Phaneuf , written on August 9, 2012

From The News Desk

At tonight's PandoMonthly, Reid Hoffman revealed how his plan to be an academic shaped his career as an entrepreneur. But before he discovered his calling, Hoffman explains he panicked.

“I put years into crafting this plan [to be an academic], and all of the sudden four months into the process, it was a train wreck," says Hoffman.

Earning his bachelor's at Stanford and being in Silicon Valley sparked his interest in philosophy, which he went on to study in a Master's program at Oxford University.

“What I was more interested in were things that weren’t narrow in scope, which is a lot of contemporary philosophy research, but questions about human nature, identity. How do I approach what society improves for people, both individually and as a group?"

The man who would go on to be a co-founder of LinkedIn applied his passion for understanding how the world works to software. "Software is how you organize the world around you. Software changes society," says Hoffman.

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