Gumroad Launches Platform API, as It Aims for the Music Industry

By Trevor Gilbert , written on August 10, 2012

From The News Desk

Gumroad, the startup that wants to help people sell anything with only a link, is making a big push into the music industry. The company has partnered with a number of prominent music industry organizations, and is beginning to launch products that are perfectly suited for artists.

Today, the company is launching a Platform API that will allow any website to integrate the Gumroad transaction interface for the user. For example, PandoDaily could hook up our events page to Gumroad and the entire transaction of buying a ticket would be done within the window of the site.

More tailored towards Gumroad’s future, though, are the deals the companies have struck to go after smaller bands and artists. The company has reached an agreement with Onepager, a company that provides simple, one-page websites, and with ONErpm, the service that helps musicians distribute music across the world via the Web.

The deals will allows artists and Onepager users to integrate Gumroad directly onto their websites. One example page is Girl Talk, which has integrated Gumroad for all transactions on the site. When a user decides to click on the button labelled “I Want This,” the Gumroad transaction interface pops up.

The move towards the music industry is natural evolution for the company. There are a few obvious industries that can sell things via a link. Ebooks, music, videos, and other types of digital content. Movies and videos normally require licensing deals, and ebooks are a much smaller market, but for music there is a large enough independent market that the platform is perfectly suited.

Right now, while the platform’s existence is public, it isn’t yet available to everyone. According to the company, “For fraud reasons, your account has to be authorized for the Platform API.” While the statement is specific towards the platform launch, fraud is also the biggest issue the company has going forward. To that end, the company has received PCI compliance, which verfifies that credit card transaction companies are secure,

Altogether, the company is pushing forward in every direction, which is winning over some big clients, like Wiz Khalifa, who recently put up some tracks on the site.