PandoMonthly NYC with Ben Lerer Post-Event Recap

By Nathaniel Mott , written on August 19, 2012

From The News Desk

With all due respect to Ben Horowitz, last Thursday's event with Ben Lerer was our funniest (and most profanity-laden) PandoMonthly yet. Ben threw a couple of jibes Sarah's way, and may or may not have made a verbal contract to adopt an audience member.

When he wasn't cracking jokes Ben touched on what New York's tech ecosystem needs, how he built Thrillist and what's next for the company. Towards the end of the night Ben shared what it was like building a company after growing up as "a spoiled kid in New York" and how his insecurity helped drive him to success. He also explained why new Thrillist employees (with a notable exception of new, senior executives) aren't given stock options when they're hired.

The full video of the event is available for streaming below. We've also made a YouTube playlist of some of the event's most memorable moments that you can check out right here.  Sponsorships help keep the ticket prices low, so if you're interested in sponsoring one of these events email Jeanne Logozzo at Jeanne(at)