WITN: Tiny Batman Cars, Vegas, Plus Paul Preaches (Another) Sermon on Journalism

By Sarah Lacy , written on September 11, 2012

From The News Desk

Remember as you slog through this long, ranty, somewhat smug edition of "Why Isn't This News?"-- you asked us to do more regular episodes. Or at least, seven of you did.

In this week's taped conversation that Paul and I would have had anyway, we talk about annoying people we sat next to on planes today and what's going well and not so well in our entrepreneurial journeys. Spoiler: Paul needs to raise money; Sarah wants more readers.

But why talk about your own challenges when it's so much easier to talk about others? We also have a frank discussion of what's going well and not so well in Tony Hsieh's Downtown Vegas adventure-- a topic that we'll get Tony's take on this Thursday at PandoMonthly. (Tickets still available! Proceeds benefit Charity:Water.)

Video below.