Hsieh's Biggest Mistake and Best Surprise Working on the Downtown Project

By Nathaniel Mott , written on September 13, 2012

From The News Desk

Our latest PandoMonthly has come to a close, but not before Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh got the chance to talk about what he views as his biggest mistake and biggest surprise with the audacious Downtown Project.

Hsieh didn't actually choose a biggest "mistake," but says that he's been horrible at putting physical projects on a timeline. "I come from a tech background, and I'm used to being able to go from an idea to launch in 24 hours, when you're first getting started out," Hsieh said. "You just can't do that with city regulations and permits and so on, so things just end up taking a lot longer when you actually need to build a physical building."

Things weren't all doom and gloom in Hsiehville downtown Vegas, however. "The most surprising thing has just been how much interest there's been no matter who I meet," Hsieh says. "When visitors come, they end up meeting each other. And that becomes a very memorable and important part of their experience to the point where we've started seeing people come back two or three months later, partly out of curiosity to see what's happened, but partly because the experience is different every time, and they're always meeting different interesting people from all different backgrounds."

Watch the clip from tonight's PandoMonthly in San Francisco below: