Give Charity:Water $1,000 and Be a Vegas Highroller, Downtown Style

By Sarah Lacy , written on September 14, 2012

From The News Desk

In case you weren't there, Tony Hsieh had a little surprise offer for the audience at last night's PandoMonthly.

As many readers know this month's PandoMonthly events are fundraisers for Charity:Water's annual September fundraising drive. We've doubled our ticket prices with the extra proceeds going to the cause, and offered extra perks to try to raise even more. I asked Tony just before we went on stage if he'd be willing to have dinner with a reader if they donated $1,000 to Charity:Water.

Typical Tony, he did one better. If anyone donates $1,000 to our Charity:Water drive, Tony will put you up for a week in the Ogden-- the downtown Las Vegas luxury apartment building that is ground zero for the Downtown Project and the startups its funding. You'll get to tour Tony's $350 million new community in the desert, and, since Tony, Paul Carr and I all three have apartments there, we'll all three take you to dinner as well. (Note: This requires you visiting a week when we're all there.)

And, Tony will match the donations.

So far, we've had six takers. Email Oni(at) for more details, or just go to our Charity:Water page and donate directly. We're determined to hit our $20,000 goal! Not counting this promotion, we've raised nearly $6,000 including last night's ticket sales.

If you're in New York and you want to help out, grab a ticket for our PandoMonthly next week with Huffington Post and BuzzFeed co-founder Jonah Peretti before they're gone!