SaneBox Integrates with Salesforce to Prioritize Inboxes According to Income Potential

By Michael Carney , written on September 17, 2012

From The News Desk

In enterprise software, interconnectivity is the currency of the moment. Intelligent email filtering system SaneBox introduced a integration today that makes messages from Salesforce leads and contacts a top priority in a user's inbox. In other words, salespeople can now filter their inbox according to income potential.

Email overload is a genuine enterprise crisis. The problem is that the vast majority of emails recieved aren’t important. Unfortunately, the few that are can easily get lost in the noise. For those who can’t quit the problem, solutions like SaneBox offers a tool that make email productive and tolerable.

SaneBox made its name in the consumer market, allowing users to avoid email overload by offering priority filtering, subscription management, and follow up management tools. In June, it introduced its first enterprise product which is compatible with Google Apps, Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, and multiple other  email clients. The product is entirely cloud-based, freeing individual users and corporate IT from downloading or maintaining any application.

In both versions, priority messages are sent directly to the inbox, while less important messages are sent to a SaneLater folder.  Users then receive a daily summary of the diverted messages and can set up follow-up reminders on any message at desired intervals. According to the company, SaneLater reduces the number of messages in a typical inbox by about 58 percent.

SaneBox is an intelligent system that learns from user actions and can be further personalized through customizable settings. Other features include smart reminders, email snoozing, and calendar sync. While many of these features could be using email filters and rules, SaneBox makes the process drag-and-drop simple.

Solutions like SaneBox and competitor Boomerang are the first step in solving Paul Graham’s frighteningly ambitious startup idea. In other cases, companies are looking at nuclear solutions including moving all communication to purpose-built enterprise collaboration and communication platforms like Asana and Yammer.

The new SaneBox integration is available to existing enterprise users in the AppExchange, however API access limitations mean that the feature is not available on Salesforce Group and Professional plans. Estimates place Salesforce’s global subscriber count at more than 2.5 million as of the end of 2011 (the company last released numbers in 2009, when it crossed 1.5 million). Assuming the offering becomes popular among this crowd, the company better be ready with the infrastructure to support.

For consumers, SaneBox costs $5 per month. For qualifying enterprises, the price is discounted 15 percent. According to a June report by the company, more than half of those who sign up for a free trial convert into paid users. Should the company’s new integration allow sales professionals to better monetize their inbox, this price will seem like it’s missing a few zeroes and conversions can be expected to skyrocket.