Cool! VentureBeat Experiments With "Doing Some Actual Journalism Friday"

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on September 21, 2012

From The News Desk

So here's one for the "so crazy it might just work" files. Hot on the heels of their innovative "VentureBeat store", our pals over at VB have launched a bold new experiment in journalism:

They're going to experiment with doing some journalism.

But only on Fridays.

VentureBeat's Executive Editor, Dylan Tweney, just wrote these actual words, under the heading "Welcome to VentureBeat's journalism-driven Friday"...

For the rest of today, every story you read in VentureBeat’s main news river will be based on reporting by our staff.

This is an experiment, and it’s probably less of a risk than it might look. Reporting has always been central to VentureBeat’s approach... But like most other tech news sites, we also report on stories that other sites have covered, sometimes without adding reporting of our own... Today, we’re going to refrain from doing that. Every story in our news feed today will include reporting we’ve done ourselves.

That doesn’t mean every story here today will be a not-previously-reported, totally-new-to-the-world scoop. (Though I hope many of them are!) What it does mean is that if we publish a story here, you can trust that we’ve done some footwork, we’ve picked up the phone and sent emails, we’ve talked to people, and we’re not just rephrasing and analyzing someone else’s blog post. Amazing. And so innovative an idea, for reporters to do actual reporting rather than simply grabbing stuff from rival sites (h/t Sean Ludwig).

But, of course, VentureBeat is not the first company to allocate a fixed time period to boundary-pushing experimentation. Who can forget...

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