Mobile Eating the Web: 22 Percent of Web Content Now Consumed on Devices

By Erin Griffith , written on September 21, 2012

From The News Desk

It comes as no surprise that mobile is eating into every aspect of our lives at a crazy-fast pace. We know this, but it's nice to know to what exact degree the mobile takeover is happening.

Today adtech company Kontera released some statistics on mobile consumption based on data from its 15,000 publisher partners. Mobile Web traffic this year is up 430 percent, and mobile Web surfing now accounts for 22 percent of web traffic. That's expected to rise to 27 percent by the end of the year.

The company uncovered a few fun usage trends in its most recent study. For example, did you know that more Moms use iOS? And that Android users top iPhone users in consumption of content related to autos, sports, B2B tech, and telecom?

The company wrapped its survey results into an infographic, which I'll post with the caveat that I strongly dislike infographics. They're often well-designed and pretty to look at, but offer a mix of solid and shady information. And since it's trapped in a JPEG, you can't share the good info without sharing the bad. That said, this infographic was produced with data gathered entirely by Kontera, so I'm inclined to trust it.

(Note: The headline originally said content consumed on "smartphones;" I changed it to devices because the 22 percent includes tablets.)

[image via Things Eating Sandwiches]