Meet Shoutroulette, a Comedy Hack Day project "coded entirely in upper case letters"

By Erin Griffith , written on October 9, 2012

From The News Desk

Oh, hackathons. Sometimes, as in the case of Facebook, they yield legitimate features that end up changing an entire service. Other times they're just fun. Take, for example,  the food hackathon, which yielded plenty of good food, or a comedy hackathon, which has the sole goal of hilarity. I sadly missed the only comedy hackathon I am aware of, held last month at Pivotal Labs in New York. Fortunately I, along with a few thousand of New York techies, got to experience the event's winner at tonight's Tech Meetup.

It's called Shoutroulette, and it's a video platform for shouting at idiots on the Web. It's the "fastest, simplest way to yell at people you think are morons about the things you are right about."

It's built on the API of OpenTok. The ironic thing is that this hack is not terribly different from a legit startup I wrote about this morning called Deeyoon, or a freshly failed startup everyone wrote about called Airtime. For its part, Deeyoon has a face-to-face video debating service that's blowing up thanks to adoption by pseudo-celebs Michael Lohan and Octomom.

The beauty of Shoutroulette is that if you've got nothing to be angry and shout about, the site has conveniently provided a list of topics to get your blood boiling. Zico water. Chipotle burritos. MTV. You get it. Oh, and the site's creators welcome nudity, they assured the crowd.

I've already submitted a proposition to Sarah that PandoDaily add Shoutroulettes to our most volatile comments sections.

The entire thing, a presenter noted, is coded in all upper case letters.

Yes, the entire team is from Brooklyn.