Tickets for PandoMonthly LA with Chris Sacca on sale now!

By Sarah Lacy , written on October 25, 2012

From The News Desk

I'm thrilled that we are bringing PandoMonthly back down to Los Angeles next week. Chris Sacca is our guest this time around, and while he hasn't shot rockets into space, he has been a big part of several important Internet companies, including Instagram, Kickstarter, Heroku, Lookout, Twilio, Quirky, Google, Twitter, and Uber.

Go buy your tickets now!

While at Google, Sacca was incredibly vocal about a variety of causes. He was still pretty chatty after leaving and starting his investment firm, the whimsically named Lowercase Capital. I mean it, you could call this guy any time you needed a sound byte, and he'd be good for it. I've always respected him for being one of the few Valley people to speak on the record when "This American Life" took on patent trolls.

And then he kinda went quiet. As it turns out, he's been living down in Los Angeles, still investing and enjoying life as a new dad. Since then his fund has grown to over a billion dollars. We've convinced him to come out of hiding to tell us all about it.

We have a new location in Los Angeles: ZEFR in Venice, CA. They've generously gifted us the space, so as you buy your incredibly reasonable $20 ticket and enjoy your free beer and pizza, thank them for helping keep our costs in line.

We'll see you next week!

[Image Credit: Wikimedia]