Triposo’s new iPad app is like the best local tourguide you’ve ever had

By Michael Carney , written on October 25, 2012

From The News Desk

Is there any better way to explore the best a new area has to offer than with insider recommendations from a local? Anyone who’s ever found themselves in a hidden gem of a restaurant, shop, or vista far off the tourist’s beaten path will likely argue not. Triposo is a travel startup that aims to put the power of this well-informed local in travelers’ pockets with a seemingly omnipotent, personalized mobile app by the same name.

The startup taps into all the latest trends in mobile and Web services, including location-based services, content curation, and beautiful design. Version 2.0 of the app launches today with a number of seemingly magical upgrades.

The redesigned intelligent travel companion changes with its environment, taking into account time of day and the current or forcasted weather to make activity recommendations. For example, morning recommendations might include sightseeing, while those in the evening are more likely to center around nightlife. Sunny day excursions might include an open air bus tour, while rainy day suggestions are more likely to include a museum. Another killer reature for the international traveler in particular is that the app includes detailed offline maps and downloads location-based activity data for offline viewing.

The site combines proprietary in-app data with real-time data from partner travel sites including World66, Wikitravel, Wikipedia, Open Street Maps, TouristEye, Dmoz, Chafmoz, and Flickr. This information is ranked for relevancy and then distilled into recommendations as described above.

With today’s upgrade, the company has introduced an entirely new iPad interface, which turns the tablet into a dynamic travel magazine, offering photos, editorial features, and experience recommendations. Triposo 2.0 also adjusts to the way people use diffferent devices, allowing items bookmarked on a tablet to transfered to an iPhone or Android device for on-the-go viewing.

“People use their iPad in their hotel room to be inspired for the next day, while they use their smartphone to be inspired while they walk the streets,” says co-founder Douwe Osinga. “We try to match that behavior exactly. The iPad is ideal for making up your mind about what to do—and the iPhone and Android apps are there to accompany you, or to help you change your mind, as you wander.”

Another newly added feature is the ability for travelers to log their adventures, tracking locations and uploading pictures throughout their trip. If the device is connected to the web, these bits of content get uploaded to the Triposo online network. If not, uploads will be stored on the device and uploaded the next time connectivity is available. Should users wish, memories compiled within Triposo can be shared automatically on Facebook as well.

“For travelers who want to share their stories, Triposo 2.0 is way easier than Facebook or Twitter,” says co-founder Jon Tirsen, “because it’s part of the app that you use all day when you travel – and because it works offline.”

The company raised $4.73 in Seed and Series A capital from InterWest, Chris Sacca, Lars Rasmussen, and Crunchfund, with the most recent round coming in July 2012.

Travel is a highly competitive category in both traditional print media and online marketplaces, but few have found the same success in mobile. Triposo has come out of the gates on fire, having already been downloaded 2.5 million times since its launch in May 2011 and growing to offer recommendations for more than 8,000 worldwide destinations. Not content to rest on its early success, the newest version of Triposo is a quantum leap from the already impressive version 1 offering.

[Image courtesy mrhayata]