Precog takes its data analysis tools to MongoDB to spread the word about Quirrel

By Nathaniel Mott , written on November 7, 2012

From The News Desk

The term "big data" is to back-end, business-to-business startups as the term "social, local, and mobile" is to consumer Web companies. If you throw a stick anywhere in the Valley you'll likely hit someone that's working on a photo sharing application or an analytics company. Consumer facing companies want to make you do something – analytics companies want to tattle on what you did, how you did it, where you did it from, and whether or not you're likely to do it again.

Precog, a TechStars alum that raised $2 million in February and launched an open beta in September, is a big data company that's trying to solve the problem with more than just analytics (though it offers that too). The company, which started out as a data visualization tool called ReportGrid, is today announcing a free, MongoDB-specific implementation of its software.

Jeff Carr, Precog's COO, says that Precog differentiates itself from other big data platforms by focusing on what the company calls "the last mile," which he defines as taking analytics and making it easier to "productize" the results. Basically, Precog wants you to be able to have your analytics and act on them too.

MongoDB and Precog are, as Carr says, a "really clean fit" because both platforms are built to natively work with the JSON query language. Now, a little bit of code and a partnership with 10Gen (the company behind MongoDB) later, Precog is ready to bring these JSON-crossed lovers together at last.

Beyond getting its products in front of MongoDB developers, Carr says that Precog developed this implementation to spread the word about Quirrel, the query language that powers its Labcoat data analysis tool. This move has been ripped straight from the user acquisition playbook – by offering developers a free tool, Precog expands its potential market while simultaneously convincing some smart people to poke around its product and help direct its future.