Richard Nieva joins the PandoDaily team reporting in Silicon Valley

By Sarah Lacy , written on November 11, 2012

From The News Desk

You might be surprised to learn that the hardest position to fill at our Silicon Valley-based blog is an actual reporter based in Silicon Valley.

We've managed to discover and groom young talent and attract huge names alike in New York and LA and other pockets of the East Coast. But for a variety of reasons, like the drummer on "Spinal Tap," our Valley-based reporters don't tend to last long.

Part of that is because we do things differently than a typical tech blog, and part of it is because there's just more media talent in New York to grab from. And because the Valley is inherently so entrepreneurial, a lot of the best people are already working for themselves in some way, or want to.

So I am thrilled to announce that at long last we've found the perfect fit for this long rotating role in our latest hire, Richard Nieva. Nieva went to Columbia Journalism School and was most recently covering tech in the Valley for Fortune Magazine and its website. He did some great work there, but we think he'll do even better in our high-octane, tell-us-what-you-really-think, tech-only environment. Every reference check I did warned me that if we hired him, they'd likely try to steal him back at some point. He's already hit the ground running with his first post today.

Richard is joining me and Kevin Kelleher in anchoring our on-the-ground Valley coverage.

Rather than gush too much now, I'll let Richard's reporting and writing speak for itself in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years he writes for us. Follow him here on Twitter and reach him via email at Richard at