Ravikant: Every commercial vehicle should be Uber-ized

By Michael Carney , written on November 15, 2012

From The News Desk

AngelList founder Naval Ravikant is known for disrupting inefficient industries, primarily in his latest venture in the early stage investment industry. The entrepreneur starts tonight’s PandoMonthly fireside chat with Sarah Lacy, saying “the Internet hates a middleman.” But it doesn’t stop there.

Ravikant points to Uber as a current example of the type of company that is changing the world for the better and showing what’s possible. The first time he used Uber, the entrepreneur found it magical and recalls feeling that everything should be this easy.

“Every vehicle with a commercial license plate will one day be Uber-ized,” he said.

Naval goes on to describe the everyday nuisances that we’re all familiar with, but which are “total nonsense” in a time when we all have a micro-computer in our pockets. There’s no reason we should be given an eight-hour window to wait for a plumber. We should all just know where these vehicles are at all time and plan accordingly. Similarly, the UPS delivery truck should never show up when you’re in the bathroom. Ambulances, for that matter, should show up on our GPS devices when they’re approaching on the road behind us, he argued.

Not surprisingly, Ravikant points to the iPhone as the driving force behind this revolution. “Almost all Internet use is going to go to mobile devices, eventually,” he said. “Large swaths of humanity are growing up connected to Internet, but have never owned a computer or laptop.”

[Watch the Livestream for PandoMonthly SF with Naval Ravikant here.]