WITN: Paul Carr's NSFWCORP gets another $300K from Vegas Tech Fund

By Sarah Lacy , written on November 15, 2012

From The News Desk

Good news! NSFWCORP gets to stay in business after all!

Following a bleak "Why Isn't This News?" a few weeks ago, in which Paul bitched about his fundraising challenges, it's all come together and NSFWCORP is now $300,000 richer. The Vegas Tech Fund lead this third seed expansion round.

It's a good thing too, coming on the heels of NSFWCORP's wild, raging (and at times bizarre) 24 hour election coverage that delighted fans, enraged others, and racked up over $2,000 in room service charges in the Las Vegas hotel suite they used as their base of operations. (That amount was pretty extreme even by NSFWCORP standards, so Paul reimbursed the company.)

In this week's episode of Why Isn't This News, Paul explains that the additional investment will allow NSFWCORP to make more editorial hires and to move some existing contract/freelance writers on to the full-time payroll. It's likely this will involve some staffers moving to Vegas to work from the company's downtown HQ. He also explains what publishing and broadcasting for 24 hours straight taught him about the NSFWCORP team and gave him insights into how their editorial workflow needs to adapt as they increase publishing output.

You can watch the whole discussion in the comicly blurry video below (Paul's phone). But, because nothing about WITN makes sense, we talk about a lot of other non-newsy things before we get to it, including Paul's latest Twitter fight. We could, of course, edit the show to make it more watchable -- but that might actually spike viewership and we talk about far too many things that should probably be off the record on this show to have that. (My board chairman has already told San Francisco Magazine watching this show makes him "cringe"...). The NSFWCORP stuff starts about half an hour in.