Pinterest sighting: A Web brand finds its way out into the real world

By Richard Nieva , written on November 20, 2012

From The News Desk

What do Pinterest and Wetzel’s Pretzels have in common? You may find both of them at the local mall.

The Westfield UTC mall in San Diego created this life-sized physical pin board to be used somewhat as a store directory. The structure was used as a part of the mall's grand reopening last week after a major renovation. "We thought their display idea was really cool and we were happy to approve our logo usage," said Barry Schnitt, head of public relations at Pinterest.

It’s a creative idea, and a testament to how powerful the Web site’s brand has gotten. (Although the mall is in the college town of the University of California, San Diego, so the students might be avid users.)

Though the shopping center asked Pinterest for permission to use the logo, neither Westfield mall, nor any of the brands on the display – 24 Hour Fitness, Tender Greens -- paid the company. It was a one-off project and not a part of any Pinterest advertising initiative.

This is the first physical manifestation of the popular Web brand, but it isn’t the first time Pinterest has loaned out their logo. People use the logo quite often on their own web sites and while promoting their own campaigns, the company said.

Thanks to reader and VC Jeff Richards for bringing this picture to our attention.