Fifteen NYC-based enterprise startups to keep an eye on

By Jonathan Lehr , written on November 21, 2012

From The News Desk

In a post for TheNextWeb back in April, I wrote about why the enterprise matters and deserves your attention. It’s funny how much has changed since then in the enterprise tech ecosystem. Now, enterprise tech is the trend du jour to discuss.

What’s not being discussed however, is how important NYC is going to play in the coming enterprise tech boom: Flybridge recently expanded here from Boston. The Partnership for New York City Fund’s FinTech Innovation Lab (a fintech accelerator) had its second successful graduating class this summer. We’ve had some big exits and many new entrants, which is the purpose of this blog post.

From my vantage point leading the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup (NYETM), it is tremendously exciting and fulfilling to see how much NYC is growing and continues to lead the charge of enterprise tech innovation. We have the customers here, with verticals including financial services, media, advertising, fashion, healthcare, and more.

Out of the 40+ companies that have demoed at the NYETM since launching in January 2012, 15 are headquarted in NYC. See below for background on them:

1. Bitly -- Bitly Enterprise leverages data around their shortened links to offer a reputation monitoring service. Think of it as a smoke detector for your brand that can surface content before it reaches a critical scale.

2. CB Insights -- CB Insights offers real-time information about the health of VC and angel backed startups. They focus on scraping the Web for unique data sources which feed its proprietary analysis engine. Their algorithm connects disparate information that may seem irrelevant, but can be pieced together in order to assess private company health and momentum.

3. Cinchcast -- Cinchcast enables businesses to produce and share original audio content via its cloud-based platform. It also offers mobile functionality which permit instant creation of large scale conference calls to be created on the fly to report on breaking news or on the ground from major events.

4. Enterproid -- Enterproid offers its BYOD solution, the Divide platform, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Divide solves the problem of one device having both personal freedom and enterprise security. (Enterproid was the first company to demo at both the NYC and London Enterprise Technology Meetups – the inaugural London session took place in October)

5. Foretuit -- This TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Finalist offers predictive analytics on top of your enterprise engagement data to help close more business in an efficient manner. It helps focus sales teams on deals that have a high probability of closing, while also shedding light on which deals to stop pursuing given their low likelihood of success.

6. Gigaspaces -- GigaSpaces offers cloud-based enterprise software focused on financial services and real-time big data. Its Cloudify open PaaS stack enables applications to be moved to the cloud simply, without cumbersome code changes.

7. Neverware -- The Neverware Juicebox is a server appliance that integrates into your network and helps avoid costly infrastructure spend on desktop refreshes. It does this by turning existing, legacy desktops into dummy terminals which serve virtual desktops with powerful specs.

8. Red Rover -- Red Rover helps organizations promote peer-to-peer learning, identify subject matter experts, and reduce new hire on-boarding time. A graduate of TechStars NYC, the company helps teams collaborate more efficiently and unlock knowledge that sometimes gets buried as organizations grow.

9. Smartling -- Smartling offers a cloud-based translation management platform that incorporates context. At the September NYETM, CEO Jack Welde said that “three-quarters of a million people log onto the internet for the first time every day.” Smartling was founded on the belief that content localization needs a modern twist.

10. Sociocast -- Sociocast enables enterprises to glean insights from their Big Data through flexible predictive analytics APIs which developers can integrate into their products. For example, using Sociocast's APIs, ad tech firms can process terabytes of consumer data to build predictions to better target users.

11. Temboo -- Temboo has created a software development kit of open APIs that makes integrating them into applications easier for developers. The Temboo platform offers a designer to let users visualize the flows of the APIs being used, and in addition to being able to drag and drop the APIs, documentation is included to demonstrate how they function.

12. Thrupoint -- Thrupoint offers a portfolio of applications which bring all your communication needs into a single package, granting flexibility to leverage them on premises or via a cloud model. Thrupoint Ubiquity is an open platform which enables communication across various applications, regardless of back-end infrastructures.

13. Namely -- Namely is a cloud-based platform for HR organizations to recruit and retain top talent through its visual organizational structures and scenario planning capabilities. Namely adds efficiency and security to a process that was often historically done through emailing disparate spreadsheets around. With its platform, Namely offers secure access and integration with existing systems in order to better inform decisions and monitor results.

14. tracx -- Tracx’s SaaS platform is a social media management system which lets marketers geo-target campaigns to empower brands with relevant information. The company pulls data from the entire social web including social media and blogs, and users can create custom dashboards to monitor specific keywords in real-time.

15. Vaultive -- Vaultive provides data encryption necessary for organization to harness the power of cloud-based services. Optimized for Microsoft Office 365, the Vaultive platform ensures that data is secure while off premises while still maintaining the benefits of cloud computing.

[Image courtesy DominusVobiscum]