Keep your iON The Game with a new action sports camera

By Kym McNicholas , written on November 23, 2012

From The News Desk

I know we have a lot of adrenaline junkies in Silicon Valley. The entrepreneurial lifestyle encourages risk-taking, both in and out of the board room. So keeping my eye on the action camera market to find the latest devices you can use to capture all of the action, I found the new iOn The Game.

Unlike iON’s first generation of iON Air Pro products released last May, the iON The Game is a small square device that can be used as a coaching tool, to film your tennis game, analyze your golf swing, or can even be strapped on to the uprights during a football game.

The difference between this device and iON’s Air Pro is not just the shape, but also the color display and ability for playback, which includes slow motion playback so you can really get a good look at why you’re called “Mr. Shank It To The Right and Hit a Tree,” and how to correct your swing.

The fixed focus iON The Game, available in the US on November 27th, tapes video at 1080p, 30 frames per second, and takes still photos, does timelapse photographry, as well as allows the user to upload to Youtube straight from the device with wifi capability.

Future models will include the ability to zoom by remote and GPS.

It’s a neat little device. I used it to film Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney give my dad and I a golf lesson. It’s color display and playback with slow motion capability truly helped us to understand what our body position should be at each point in the swing.  We were able to bring the device to the tee and replicate each motion we were seeing as we were watching Hank execute.

But I’m concerned that as the trend to have everything in one device continues, I am not sure that the iON The Game is going to be the hot item on everyone’s Christmas list this year, especially at a price point of $299.

Although, in terms of leaving a device sitting somewhere to film a game, I would never leave my iPhone just on the ground or wrapped around a goal post during a soccer game.

“The big advantage is that the iON The Game is a durable device that you can set anywhere to film the action, and with the color display you can show your team instantly what they’re doing right and wrong during halftime to help them improve in the second half,” explains iON CEO Giovanni Tomaselli, who has designed digital video products for companies like Polaroid, Nikon, Casio, and Kodak.

Tomaselli knows this device won’t outsell his iON Air Pros, but says, “We’re really just looking to show the market that we’re not just a one-product company.” It also won’t get anywhere close to the reception of the GoPro line anytime soon. GoPro is the household name for action cameras. But Tomaselli’s goal is not to surpass GoPro in terms of sales, but to be the premium camera in the market.  And yet, he’s striving to create opportunities for 1:1 sales in retail with GoPro.

In the video below, find how Tomaselli’s succeeding in standing out on store shelves against the top name in the action camera market as well as creating new partnerships with one of the largest television networks, which could ultimately lead iON to the Olympics.