Paper beats rock, but SignEasy and Evernote beat paper

By Michael Carney , written on November 23, 2012

From The News Desk

As unsexy of a problem as it may be, consumers and business professionals need to sign contracts, agreements, forms, and the like millions of times per day. In our instant gratification world, expectations are that we will all be available and able to conduct business anywhere, any time. Live-changing and company-changing deals often depends on it.

While previously, this may have meant interrupting a moment of personal time to race into the office and sign on the line that is dotted, now we can increasingly turn to our mobile device without ever putting down that umbrellaed cocktail.

A plethora of startups and technology companies are waging war against pen and paper, scanners, and all manner of physical document systems. Two such companies, SignEasy and Evernote, partnered up this week to further simplify taking your personal and professional ecosystem fully digital – SignEasy is featured in the Evernote Trunk, a list of recommended apps curated by the Evernote team.

The three-year-old SignEasy offers a mobile eSignature functionality that, through the new integration, allows Evernote users to quickly sign documents already within their digital archives, or add newly signed files to them in moments. The company offers free apps for iOS and Android.

Users can sign three documents per month for free, or upgrade to an Premium account for unlimited signatures at a cost of $10 per year. There’s also the option of earning more free signatures by recommending friends who sign up – two additional free documents per signup.

It's part of Evernote's aggressive partner and acquihire strategy to be your online brain and document repository-- no matter if you are trying to remember that wine you had friday night or pull up your mortgage.

The Evernote integration is the third such marquee partnership for SignEasy, a small startup of six employees. The previous two were with cloud storage providers Dropbox and SignEasy, based in Westlake Village, California with its development team in India, has been entirely bootstrapped to date and has been generating revenue since day one. The company will likely seek its first round of outside financing early next year, according to founder and CEO Sunil Patro.

The functionality plays into that seductive narrative of dropping it all and moving to an exotic locale. All most of us need to do our work is an internet connection and a cell phone, right?

And yet, sadly, it’s rarely this simple. As good as this sounds, and as much as we wish the world was ready to go fully-digital, there are still tons of instances, where we need to put pen to paper. Thankfully, integrations between companies like SignEasy and Evernote are slowly chipping away at this barrier.