Does your accountant need to be a writer? A surprisingly contentious WITN

By Sarah Lacy , written on November 27, 2012

From The News Desk

If you watch WITN for the personal stuff, you're gonna be disappointed this week. Because we just talk media startups. Paul and I set out to have a simple conversation about whether NSFWCORP's ebook strategy made sense and wound up in an interesting debate about hiring.

Paul thinks anyone who works at NSFWCORP needs to be a writer first, and whatever else their actual job is second. I think that's a horrible strategy, and that entrepreneurs should strive to surround themselves with people who have a different point of view and different core skills. Perhaps I'm old school, but I think a strong media company needs the tension between the editorial side of the house and the business side of the house to survive.

We even cut out the opening chit-chat to get right to the issues. We talk about the ebook strategies of both of our companies, more on paywalls, and then the fireworks start around the 35 minute mark.

Watch the fight and let us know what you think, all seven WITN viewers.