Grokr, which may know you better than you know yourself, will launch Dec. 11

By Richard Nieva , written on November 27, 2012

From The News Desk

It's coming, and you didn't even know you were looking for it.

Grokr, that is. How apt, considering that's the notion the company is banking on to become a hit with users. The startup is finally about to officially release its core product, which the company has been working on for two years, and recently been beta testing.

The company, founded by Srivats Sampath -- who also founded -- claims to intuitively deliver you the information you care about before you even search for it. It is essentially the iOS version of Google Now, the search giant's Android-only mindreader app that does things like push traffic reports from your morning commute to your phone or list the best dishes when walk into a restaurant.

Investors include NEA, U.S. Venture Partners, Triple Point Ventures and Lerer Ventures, who have poured $4.2 million into the company so far, reported AllThingsD last month.

And now it looks like they will officially unveil the product on December 11 in San Francisco.